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January 17, 2014 / silvernswan

Sewing room upgrade

Earlier last year, while sewing curtains in fact, I had a wee brain wave about my sewing space. Since we moved into our new house (2 years ago!) I have had my very own sewing room. Previous to this I had sewn in our lounge, and the lovely little second hand “Horn Lifter” table that we found at an op shop was great for this. The Horn sewing tables are great, they close up really neatly and then fold open with all your supplies inside. However, my one had lost one of the opening out arms and I was smooched up against the wall. And I was trying to use my overlocker on the same little table as my sewing machine.


See? Not so good for sewing big things. . .


I found a much bigger table on trademe. It mounts to the wall on brackets, I liked the idea as I have put all my notions in a wheeled filing cabinet which I can move around as needed. Unfortunately I didn’t take into consideration the reverberations of the machines and my temporary fix is an extendable rod underneath the machines bracing between the desk and floor. The table also came with a “kickboard” which I used as a shelf above my table.



Since I took these photos I have got a new machine, a Janome DC2050, and added clear plastic bins to the shelf up top for easy viewing of works in progress.


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