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July 22, 2013 / silvernswan

Family in the hood

It’s school holidays and my Mum, my sister and her family came to stay with us last weekend and for Monday & Tuesday. So we had four energetic little boys in the house and we were stuck inside most of the time due to the horrid weather. Luckily we had 5 adults, lots of craft supplies and plenty of play room.

My tax refund came through while they were here and we went along to Wellington Sewing Services in Kilburnie to investigate buying an new sewing machine for me. I’ve been wanting to get a new machine for a month or two now, and was all prepared to save up and wait for 6 months or so, but when I got the tax refund letter I immediately knew what it needed to be spent on (luckily my other half didn’t disagree). I decided on the Janome DC2050 and I now have a matched set as my overlocker is a Janome too (the MyLock 744D).

My brother-in-law has a similar figure to my other half and he admired the navy hoodie I made Mr R recently. I thought my brother-in-law was well adapted to the cold, as he often puts on just another t-shirt when the rest of us a reaching for jerseys and cardigans. Turns out it is also partly due to difficulty in finding well fitting warm tops. We decided to make Mr D a hoodie too and raced off to The Fabric Warehouse where we found this nice dark grey sweatshirting and I already had a suitable zip from the fabulous Petes Emporium.

DSC02962This project was a collaborative one with my sister, as she has decided to learn to sew. I traced off a copy of the pattern with appropriate alterations so she could take it home and she did most of the cutting out and pinning pieces together. I ended up doing all the driving of the sewing machines, mostly because I wanted to use my new machine.


Pattern: McCalls 6614, view D, size M


Dark grey polycotton sweatshirting 2m @ $15/m
Grey ribbing 0.7m @ $8/m

Notions: Open ended zip $2.50

Cut & Sewn: 13th – 16th July

Alterations made:

6cm length added to the body,
5cm to the sleeves &
2cm to the hood
Zip taken 11cm up into the hood

The neck line of this top is quite wide, and Mr D thought it would be cool to take the zip up into the hood so he could zip it up to his chin. It did require a slightly different order of construction and my sister was left with the job of hand sewing the hood lining down after they went home. It does look very cosy zipped up!



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  1. Jo / Jul 22 2013 2:55 am

    This looks great! Totally impressed over here, both at your finished product, and the selflessness of your sewing 🙂

    • silvernswan / Jul 22 2013 4:22 am

      Oh thank you. My sewing really isn’t selfless though. Sewing with someone makes it fun, and I’m really excited about helping my sister learn to sew

  2. Sandra / Jul 22 2013 11:55 am

    I really like that pattern. What a great holiday project, that looks great. Enjoy the new Janome 🙂

  3. Zara / Jul 30 2013 9:14 am

    I have this pattern! I’m trying to make a merino top for my bloke with it at the moment but I’m failing miserably. Yours looks fantastic though, I think I might try making him a hoodie instead. Thanks for posting and it was lovely meeting you on Sunday, from Zara 🙂

    • silvernswan / Jul 31 2013 12:51 am

      Hi Zara. Are you doing the princess seamed one for your bloke? Mr R is interested in that next (view C), BUT he still wants it to have a zip down the front and it wouldn’t have a contrast colour so I can’t really see the point!
      Why is yours failing? Merino sounds so nice 🙂

      • Zara / Jul 31 2013 2:07 am

        Yes, I’m doing the one with no hood and the princess seams. It’s really roomy through the upper arm and underarm so I’m doing a bit of a redesign there because it’s too baggy but it’s really snug through the body. I’m aiming for a really close fit so he can wear it under other tops.

      • silvernswan / Jul 31 2013 2:24 am

        Oh, that makes sense, it is a bit big in the arm scythe. Fine for a hoodie, but not so much for an under-things top!

  4. missjoiedevivre / Aug 7 2013 1:02 am

    This is great, I love the idea of the extra long zip, it’s genius! I bet he’s going to wear the daylights outta this. And teaching your nearest and dearest to sew is great fun isn’t it!

    And congratulations on a new machine! Woohoo!

  5. Calico Stretch / Aug 12 2013 9:16 am

    How lovely to have crafting and many hands and heads to join in. And little kiddos zooming about (hopefully) happily!

    I’ve been wanting to make a merino hoodie for my fella who is tall and relatively slender too so this pattern may be a good one for him. I will probably line it with merino too to double the warmth factor.

    Perhaps I could compare notes with you and Zara when I get to it!

  6. tworandomwords / Oct 12 2013 8:48 pm

    Hehe I love this – “would you make me a hoodie?” “only if you pose for my blog”.
    Although I am waiting for photos from my sister-in-law so I can put together a whole post on “dressed by Sophie”, I think almost half her wardrobe is my old RTW/makes

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