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July 16, 2013 / silvernswan

Pocket Nappy

I’ve been struggling for sewing time recently. I felt really productive in the first part of the year, but since May my two littlies have stopped napping at the same time. In June, I started providing inhome childcare to another little one 3 days a week, further cutting down on sewing time (oh, but hey, I’m earning money :-)).

I had grand plans of making a beautiful vintage style coat this winter, I have both the fabric and the pattern and have even made a muslin. I had hoped to cut it out when we had a social sewing afternoon at Made on Marion a few weeks back (June 23rd to be precise). Sadly I realised that there is no way I would have time to complete a coat this winter and I’ve deferred it to next winter. So I took along my mending pile (not so big) and one pocket nappy to sew up.

Back in early 2011 I did a huge bulk sewing mission and made 16 of these things, so I am puzzled as to why I had a single one left cut out but not sewn. I had intended to take photos to document the process of sewing this together, however I was frustrated with my lack of sewing time and just went ahead and whipped this up.


I drafted this pattern from a borrowed pre-made one, but I don’t remember the brand. This style has fitted my boys from around 6 months and still fits my getting-close-to-3 year old (both tall and slender babies though).


The particular nappy I copied had an opening in the front as well as the back, and I am really glad I included this feature in my nappies, it makes it much less fiddly to get the liners in and out.


All my nappy supplies have come from GreenBeans, and they are great. They are a New Zealand company so postage is good and they have free patterns and lots of helpful information on their site. I think the cost of the nappies worked out at around $5 each, and at the time this kind of nappy in the shop was around $20.


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