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July 8, 2013 / silvernswan

WSBN Burda Sew Along – maroon corduroy pants


Pattern: Burda Magazine, October 2012, number 139

Fabric: 2.5m

Cut:  Early May

Sewn: Early – 18th May, and then reworked a week later. . .

Alterations made:

  • Took in side & inseams by about 3mm

Successful: No, oh and yes because I have actually been wearing them. I’ve really struggled to write this post as I have been so unenthused about how these pants turned out. I have been wearing them because I love the fabric, but I am careful to wear them with tops as long as I can find to cover the waist/hips/bottom!

DSC02806I DSC02807initially basted them together as I was worried about them fitting. Bet they seemed rather on the big side and so I decided to take in the side seams a little when sewing them properly.

You can tell from the basting pictures that the front pleats are not a great look on me – or the cord. I wish as this stage I had drafted them out or turned them into darts, but instead I opted just to sew them down. A mistake I’ll learn from, I’ll never make pants with front pleats again!

DSC02842DSC02843There is one small feature of these pants that I do like. I used teal satin to line the pockets and them also to face the hems. It was one thing that made me smile when I was sewing them up.

For your amusement, here is the waistband front & back on the first outing of these pants. The section at the back with the gathers in the waistband was supposed to be elasticated, but I had cut the waistband too short, so I gathered the back into the waistband. I crotch adjustment I had done was obviously wrong so I got the weird bulge in the back.

   DSC02840 DSC02841

A day or so later I realised that the pants were overall to long in the crotch and I didn’t like where they were sitting. I cut the waistband off and sewed another on a bit lower. I also cut off the extra fabric making the bulge at the back. This time I added in the elastic.

OK, so now the pants feel better and so I got my partner to take a photo of them for me. But no, sadly they looked even worse from the back than the first photos. **sad, sad face**

So after working on these pants for about a month, and taking over a month to write a post on them, thats about all I want to say. May this chapter of my sewing life be considered over!



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  1. missjoiedevivre / Jul 8 2013 7:16 am

    I feel your woe! I truly do. But if you’re wearing them at least you’ll get some practical payoff from your effort, and you’ve learned lots for next time. And there will be a next time!

  2. Calico Stretch / Aug 12 2013 9:09 am

    Oh man trousers are so damned hard and these the colour are wonderful. It took me ages to get the latest lot right enough and I am happy with them. But four muslins later, much cursing, swearing and muttering, wine breaks and balls of fabric hurled into corners. I have learned a shed load about trousers from it.

    I do have a couple of really useful fitting books which I’ll bring along to the next WSBN meetup I come too, if you like?

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