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May 27, 2013 / silvernswan

WSBN Burda Sew Along – Wrap top


Pattern: Burda Magazine, January 2013, number 130

Fabric: 1.5m firm/heavy cotton knit (originally purchased with the intention to make a t-shirt)

Cut: 17th May

Sewn: 18th May

Alterations made:

  • Full bust adjustment
  • Made short sleeve as I didn’t have enough fabric for long sleeves

Successful: OK, so it turns out that I like the look of wrap tops a bit more than I actually like wearing them, but the sewing was successful and I am happy with how it looks. The tops works quite well for breastfeeding, but I do need to re-think the bow in the front when changing pooey nappies.

Hard as it was for me to adjust to the pattern not including seam allowances (don’t cut to the pattern, don’t cut to the pattern, don’t cut to the pattern!), it is quite handy when coming to doing pattern alterations. As was having the pattern on interfacing. See, here is the full bust adjustment pinned in place which is how it was when I cut my fabric out. After the top came together OK I went back and sewed the inserts to the pattern – much easier than paper and tape.


I was in a bit of a hurry when I made this, my self-imposed deadline was the 19th of May to wear to the WSBN meet-up (and yum cha!). In the week previous my kids had stopped napping at the same time, and I had been un-joyfully slogging away at my corduroy pants (to be blogged about soon). So this got whipped together in one evening mostly on the overlocker, I only used the sewing machine for the darts and hem.

DSC02870 I also neglected to leave the gap to thread the ties through and added it a few days later. Here’s my quick and lazy fix, don’t unpick the seam, just add a slightly re-inforced hole next to it!

I had left it out partly because of the time issue, and partly because I wasn’t sure which side it should be on. I’m strongly left-handed and tend to do things in the opposite direction to most people. Turns out I did want it on the “wrong” side. Hmm, I just checked and mine is crossed the same direction as the one on the Burda website, so when their instructions say to put the hole on the right, they mean the right of garment when you are looking at it, not where the right is when you are wearing it? Ack! I struggle enough with left & right as it is.


Thanks to FlossieFT for the fun photos!



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  1. missjoiedevivre / Jun 4 2013 11:06 am

    I think this is fabulous! The shape is amazing on you. And I love the joyful photos too!

  2. Calico Stretch / Aug 12 2013 9:04 am

    Oh I like this too …. wish we had some sunshine now though lol.

    Great shape on you and the tie looks easy and relaxed without adding bulk. T’is all good.


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