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May 7, 2013 / silvernswan

Red polka dot shirt

1941This is my second incarnation of Simplicity 1941, the first was my 70’s shirt.


Pattern: Simplicity 1941, view B

Fabric: Country Garden Cotton 2m @ $6/m

Cut: 1st April

Sewn: 15th – 20th April

Alterations made:

  • Wide shoulder adjustment 15-20mm
  • Folded pleats out of sleeve when cutting out
  • Added 3-4cm length in waist
  • Added interfacing in placket
  • Used snaps instead of buttons

Successful: Yes, I will wear it, but there are further refinements to be made with this pattern.

I added length at the waist which is where the lengthen lines are on the pattern. I do need extra length, but not at the waist. I had to unpick the back darts and re-do with the original unlengthened shape. It wasn’t till I was making the next version of this pattern that I realised the bust point is too high and I need to add length between the shoulder and bust point (without making the arm scythe any larger)

I’m really, really pleased with the wide shoulder adjustment. I did the adjustment where you open a slit from the shoulder seam about a third of the way in from the shoulder and about one third to half the length of the arm scythe. This shirt has a forward shoulder seam so there was a bit of fun playing around to make this adjustment on the actual shoulder line. I am rather unaccustomed to having a garment come to the edge of my shoulders. (And why are my shoulders lopsided? I hope it was just for this picture)DSC02773

The sleeves are not quite right, I folded the pleats on the paper pattern in order to create a simple fitted sleeve when cutting out. However I didn’t create the slightly asymmetrical shape of normal fitted sleeves and I think that is partly why it is folding strangely at the front.DSC02771

And here is the other issue with the sleeve/arm scythe. It pulls, and it is not that the arm hole is too big or too small; the best way that I can think of to describe it is that the arm hole is too far away from my arm. Who can tell me the technical term for that? Next make I’ll add extra fabric to lift the arm hole in closer.


And here is how I re-did the sleeve to help with the pulling issue:


All finished 🙂




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  1. Sandra / May 7 2013 10:51 am

    This shirt is really cute. Well done on the adjustments.

  2. missjoiedevivre / May 7 2013 9:00 pm

    I heart me some polka dots. Well done on the adjustments and getting a cute shirt out of it!

    • silvernswan / May 7 2013 9:33 pm

      Thanks. Yeah, I’ve wanted polka dots for the longest time 🙂


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