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May 3, 2013 / silvernswan

Safari Shirt

When I decided to make a shirt for Mr R I got the David Page Coffin shirt making book out of the library (apparently the go-to book for shirt making) and looked into getting a felling foot for my machine. A felling foot was going to be really expensive, so I decided against it for now. Much as I would like to take the time to learn how to make beautiful, classic yoked shirts, it was really more fuss than needed for now. Mr R has only just started wearing shirts to work (an upgrade from t-shirts) and was perfectly happy with this simple version from McCalls pattern 6044. I made him a blue shirt with this pattern last year, so this is the second make.


Pattern: McCalls 6044, short sleeve version

Fabric: Cotton broadcloth in tan

Cut: 1st April

Sewn: 4th –  10th April

Alterations made: Made is size M, tapered to an L in the shoulders. Lengthened by 7cm!

Successful: somewhat. We had a devil of a time finding matching buttons, so when we found ones the right colour we got them. Sadly they really are too big for the shirt.

The other issue is the gathered placket which really stands out in the photo (more than I had noticed in real life). I used a cheap interfacing and it shrunk in the wash. I’ve since learned to steam shrink the interfacing before ironing it on.




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  1. kaitui_kiwi / May 3 2013 4:00 am

    Ohh! A felling foot you say? I like the sound of that, I am always interested in new machine attachments! PLus i am looking at making a shirt for Nerdy Hubby 🙂 Genuine brand feet get expensive though aye? I have bought feet for my Elna from an eBay store before who offers great non-branded feet for all machines at good prices (plus lots of other stuff too) I am thinking about suggesting a group buy to the WSBN – he has felling feet for about USD$16.00…

    • silvernswan / May 3 2013 10:20 am

      I was quoted around $70 to locally source a felling foot. Though my machine is older than me, so a genuine foot may not have been a option anyway. Group buys are a great idea. I did come across something similar after I chose to go with this pattern (maybe the same seller?) But I didn’t want to pay freight on one item and there were so many other wonderful sounding feet, I was going to end buying way more than I could afford, so chose not to get any . . .

  2. Nothy / May 3 2013 4:47 pm

    I refuse to make anything for my hubby who would spend his time looking it over with a fine-tooth comb! That shirt looks great and I hope he appreciates it!!! And a felling foot sounds fabulous. I don’t use my speciality feet enough.

    • silvernswan / May 3 2013 6:16 pm

      Oh, thank you. He is much less of a perfectionist than I and does really appreciate it.

  3. missjoiedevivre / May 7 2013 8:56 pm

    Placket aside, this looks great! At fabricabrac there was a sewing machine shop in Petone advertising feet at what I thought were good prices, but I was looking at piping feet not felling feet so eBay might be better. Does Maryanne stock feet?

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