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March 18, 2013 / silvernswan

70’s shirt / Simplicity 1941 AmazingFit

I’ve never been a great shirt wearer, although I have always liked the look of them. I have a problem with the fit of ready to wear shirts, as well as having a large bust, I also have a broad back and wide shoulders. Finding something big enough in the top usually means it is swimming in the waist. Having a large but hourglass figure, I really dislike not having a defined waist in my outfits.

I made a couple of amazing fit dresses while I was pregnant and was really happy about how they turned out. If you haven’t heard of the AmazingFit range, they have different pieces for slim, average & curvy figures, and most importantly for me different pieces for different cup sizes. (The cup sizing is based on the difference between your full bust and your high bust, not your bra cup size.)

1941I have tried doing full bust adjustments in the past, and the results are variable, but generally not great. I know I need to master this properly, but for now these patterns are great.

I picked this pattern because I like the princess line shape. I don’t think that the pleated or gathered sleeves will flatter me at all, however I’m happy to try re-working the sleeves. I should be able to fold the pleated sleeve pattern to draw the flat shape fairly easily.

I’m going to a ’70s party soon, so took the opportunity to make this pattern up in a “working muslin” for this one-off wear. I chose the sleeves from view A (sans ruffles!) and was intending to put one the little pocket from view B. (I haven’t because the fabric is so busy, it just wouldn’t be seen.) I also cut the collar out larger to get a 70s shape.


What worked

  • The construction: The whole garment came together easily
  • The shape: I really like the shape on me, it fits smoothly over my bust and the waist shaping is just right.

What didn’t work

  • The placket: it is a self faced placket with no interfacing, and that doesn’t work so well. I will be interfacing it in all future makes.
  • The fit: is really good, close, but not quite right. It pulls a little across the back, which then causes the front to gape. It seemed fine until I put the sleeves on. I don’t know if I’ve just made a size to small or if I need some kind of shoulder or back adjustment. Based on the otherwise good fit, I’m going to try a wide shoulder adjustment next.
  • Sewing the buttons on quickly by machine; one popped off when I wore it to the Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network meet-up on Sunday.

Future upgrades

I almost used snaps instead of buttons, but didn’t as I’m not going to have my little one with me at the party. However, snaps for breastfeeding are much easier, and I just realised much cheaper. I already have a snap press (for making nappies) and most snaps are $4.40 for a complete set of 100 over at greenbeans. Less than I paid for the buttons for one shirt! I’m going to order the clear ones now, at $9 for 100, still much better value than buttons and will go with anything.




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  1. Nikki / Mar 18 2013 4:18 am

    I reckon this shirt worked really well. What a great pattern. I’m really impressed it didn’t get spoilt too by yum cha and baby on Sunday. It looks fab!

    • silvernswan / Mar 18 2013 8:11 am

      Thanks Nikki. The busy pattern held up really well in not even showing the baby slobber!

  2. Miriam / Mar 18 2013 5:50 am

    Love the fabric and fit. I have similar issues with shape. Also random question as a nappy maker I bought some beautiful bamboo and hemp fabrics and never got round to using them where is the best place to sell this kind of stuff…. Sorry a bit random I know :0)

    • silvernswan / Mar 18 2013 8:07 am

      Hi Miriam,
      Thanks! I don’t know anywhere special on on-sell the hemp & bamboo, if it were me I would just put it on trade-me 🙂 Sadly not in the market for any, though I am just about to get some more microfibre.

  3. Calico Stretch / Mar 25 2013 8:21 am

    OO I like this blouse and I think it looks lovely. Cute print too.

    Have you had a look at some of the fantastic online and book resources for fitting? I have to say there are some great blogs for FBA tutorials and so on and there are excellent books too. I’ll scan and email you the relevant pages from my book if you like?

    • silvernswan / Mar 29 2013 2:24 am

      Thank you. I think my problem in the past has been sloppiness; not measuring properly or making a muslin. I intend to be a bit more through next time I need to do a FBA.

  4. missjoiedevivre / Mar 28 2013 1:29 am

    I thought this looked great in person! Such a pretty print too.


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