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February 22, 2013 / silvernswan

Jalie 2787 Criss-cross top for nursing

There aren’t a great deal of options out there for nursing tops, so when I saw Kat’s post using this pattern I asked to borrow it from her. Jalie Roses

This is my first make. The pattern recommended using fabric with 70% stretch when using it for maternity or nursing and I found this lovely soft stretch roses fabric at the fabric warehouse.

It was too big. The front panel below the criss-cross bit sagged ridiculously. It sat funny: the fabric is so soft and slippery that instead of the panels sitting across my bust, they fell under. I fixed it by cutting the side seams (cutting the seam off completely since it was way quicker than unpicking) and re-adjusted where the cross-over panels join at the sides, and took the front panel in by about 10cm. And then I also had to put a dart in under each bust on the shorter side.

But this is actually still a really good pattern. It comes together quickly, most of it can be done on the overlocker. I like that it only has 6mm seam allowances on the overlocked seams so there is less fabric wastage. It also works for nursing. I have a full bust and I have one nursing top with vertical splits that gapes so badly I can’t wear it in public.

IJalie BW had the opportunity to do a bit of sewing over the holidays while at my parents place, and this is the pattern I had packed to bring with me, since I was rather short of nursing tops. I like the 3/4 bell sleeves on the first make, but they don’t go well under cardigans, and I wanted tops I could use all year round so I changed the sleeve to a short fitted one. This isn’t an option provided on this pattern, but it was pretty easy to draft from the bell sleeve. I also went down a size on the pattern, but added length to the cross-over panels as an FBA (full bust adjustment).

The coup de grace that really made this pattern work for me was putting lastin (swimwear elastic) in the folded over edges of the cross-over panels. It holds the fabric just enough that it (mostly) sits in place, but doesn’t appear too gathered. I don’t think I had to put darts in any of the second lot either. Oh, and my mother has an elastic foot for her overlocker, which made it an absolute dream to put in the lastin. I want one.

Jalie PurpleJalie PinkGreyJalie Blue

I’m a big fan of bulk sewing, so I made four. The sad thing is I haven’t worn any of them much yet as it has been just too hot for synthetic fabrics.




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  1. Kat H / Feb 22 2013 7:38 pm

    You have a blog! Yayayayay!!!! 😀

    I didn’t realise you’d made 5 of these – they look awesome! I may have to try making another one for myself…..

    • silvernswan / Feb 22 2013 8:52 pm

      Thanks! I only just started it and am not sure how much time it will take/how often I will post 🙂

  2. Pamela Keegan / Mar 1 2014 8:49 am

    They look great! I have had that pattern for 4 years and haven’t made it yet…

  3. Katharine Cunningham-Carlot / Aug 28 2014 5:47 am

    Love your collection! I am 14wks pg with #3 and have eyed this pattern from the first and even before for the non-maternity/nursing wear look, but your awesome versions have put me over the edge and I’m buying! It is so flattering on you. I love how the prints you choose are so pretty with the crossover. It always looked like a pattern for solids crossover effect. But your versions show that this is a versatile pattern for prints. Thank you *so* much for making and sharing, I am just at that stage of starting to show and running out of things that fit, but with very limited time and energy to sew want the impossible combination of something that will fit now, fit later, fit in the ‘fourth’ trimester postpartum and be suitable for breastfeeding without looking like a hacked off breastfeeding top, and if I won’t be sick of it by then, fit when my body has recovered. This is the pattern! You look wonderful! Jalie ought to give you a commission 🙂

    • silvernswan / Aug 28 2014 7:48 am

      Wow, thank you so much for your very kind comments! And I’m so glad this was helpful to you. It is such a tricky time to dress for isn’t it (the pregnant to breastfeeding transition)? And yes, this is such a good pattern for exactly that. I hope you can find some lovely prints to make it up in.

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