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Current Goals

I made some goals at the start of 2013, and here are my sewing related ones. . .

Dining room curtains

All done and detailed after the click🙂

A Roman blind for our bedroom

This one is subject to finding suitably affordable fabric that I love. We have two windows in our bedroom, one that already has a curtain and another that needs the roman blind. For the last year and a half this window has had a piece of curtain lining tacked up over it. Although I have another curtain in matching fabric that I could cut up for the roman blind, it is not really the colour or style that I want for our bedroom. If I don’t find anything suitable, I am considering making the roman blind out of thermal lining in the hope it would not be too hard to cover later.

Make a bra for myself

Because then I would be able to make pretty much anything I need for myself, and I wouldn’t be so limited by the small selection available in my size. I have ordered a pattern from makeBra, who actually have a pattern in my size (Woo hoo!). I’m UBER EXCITED about this project now as I just discovered that Pete Emporium in Porirua have an amazing selection of lingerie lace at a very reasonable price .

Do some sewing for Mr R (my other half)

I’ve got a couple of work shirts lined up for him. The first one completed is the Safari Shirt


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